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Roy Buchanan - The Messiah Will Come Again (Live 1976)

This song is by Roy Buchanan and appears on the album Roy Buchanan (1972) and on the album A Street Called Straight (1976)

Roy Buchanan is one of rock’s most tragic figures. Insanely talented, held in awe by his world-famous peers, Buchanan was a tortured soul whose pain could be clearly felt through his music. The tragedy of his life was twofold: first, that in spite of his off-the-charts abilities, he was never known to the general public, but rather familiar only to serious rock fans and secondly, that he was found dead, hanging from his own shirt, in a jail cell in Fairfax County, Virginia at the age of 48.

“The Messiah Will Come Again”, considered by many to be Buchanan’s masterpiece. After a spoken introduction which alludes to the life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, he takes the listener on a journey through melancholy, sadness, despair and redemption, utilizing virtuoso technique, dynamics (something rarely heard from rock guitarists, although it should be noted that Buchanan was equally proficient in the country and jazz styles), and some of the sweetest Telecaster tones known to man.


Just a smile, just a glance

The prince of darkness He just walked past There's been a lot of evil There've been a lot of sayin' But this time I'm gonna tell it my way: There was a town

Strange, lonely little town, they called 'The World' A lovely, lovely little town 'Till one day a stranger appeared And their hearts rejoiced, and the sad little town was happy again But there were some that doubted; they disbelieved, so they mocked him And the stranger, he went away Now the sad little town that was sad yesterday Is a lot sadder today... I walked in a lot of places that he never should have been But I know that the Messiah, he will come again

Songwriter: Roy Buchanan Lyrics of The Messiah Will Come Again © Cayuga Music, RIGHTSONG MUSIC, INC.


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